Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TV Shows That Lasted Too Long/Not Long Enough

Wow. Only 2 posts so far this month. Sorry. What can I say, school is a priority.
Anyways, here's a post I've been thinking about for a while and finally got around to making.

TV Shows That Should Have Ended Sooner Than They Did

I loved Scrubs in high school. It was my favourite show. But after about season 5 or whatever one ends with JD and Elliot on the brink of getting back together yet again, I just stopped watching. To think they kept it going when Zach Braff left, with a new main character, even though the majority of the show was JD's inner dialogue...like, in his brain...wow. Such a disappointment.

 I never watched this while it was on, but borrowed the DVDs from a friend a few summers ago. I loved the show and the characters and the storylines, but it really should have ended a season earlier so they wouldn't have to kill Marissa off when Mischa Barton left, and fans wouldn't have had to suffer that awful final season.

It pains me to say it because this is my favourite show, but I actually thought up this post while watching the most recent episode. I think it should have ended after Pam and Jim's wedding, being that they were the central couple. I don't think it should have ended when they just got together, like the U.K. version.
That being said, I really liked Season 7, so I think maybe it should have ended when Michael left. I've only enjoyed one episode this season and by "enjoyed" I mean "liked more than some stuff on TV, but not nearly as much as earlier seasons of this show." I just can't bring myself to do what I did to Scrubs and give up altogether.

TV Shows That Should Have Kept Going Longer Than They Did

obvs. Movie didn't satisfy anything for me.

Hopefully the movie will do something for me.

I love this show and I have the DVD Box Set. It was so well-written and really deserved more than one season.

Are there shows you wish had lasted longer, or got cancelled sooner?

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  1. Dragonball Z shouldn't have been as long as it was. I really liked GT but there were quite a few seasons (they called them sagas) that were incredibly boring and pointless to the overarching plot of the show. The problem was that they were making the show as the manga was being written and at some points they got ahead of the books and decided to make up their own stories. All in all, they weren't even close to the quality of the core sagas. It should have been concise like Dragonball and GT were.

    Cowboy Bebop was too short. They came out with a movie but it wasn't even a continuation. It actually was a sidestory within the plot of the series. This made me think there could've been a lot more episodes and sub plots since most episodes stand alone pretty well.

    Full Metal Alchemist was too long. Almost the same problem as Dragon Ball Z where the writers made up different stories than the books they were based on. Eventually, it screwed them over where they couldn't make it work with the original and had to end it with a movie and restart. They should've just followed them in the first place.