Monday, January 16, 2012

The Beckoning of Lovely

   In June 2008, the author Amy Krouse Rosenthal posted a video to YouTube entitled "17 Things I Made."
   At the end of the video, she invited viewers to join her on 8/08/08 at 8:08 pm at the Bean Sculpture in Millenium Park, Chicago.
   She showed up holding a yellow umbrella, and hundreds of strangers were waiting for her, not really knowing why they were there.
   That night they made a bunch of things together. Watch below to see what they made.

   On 09/09/09, Amy returned to the Bean by herself with a sign saying " I truly want you to have a lovely day. Here are some things I can give you to make your day lovely..." with a list. She gave away hugs, directions, basil from her garden, money, advice, books, treats, a kiss, music, origami birds. Pretty cool. click the date to watch that one (it's much shorter.)

   On 10/10/10, people gathered at the Bean again. In honour of the date, they shared 10 special moments together. Watch below.

Finally, 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days after 8/08/8, on 11/11/11, the project ended. People gathered at the Bean again, and they made some of the same things they made on 8/08/08, except differently, of course,
and some new things.

   This project shows how beautiful life is, how we are all connected, how people can influence each other for good (meaning, for goodness, and in a lasting way). I think it's really beautiful, so I wanted to share it. I hope you watch the videos and I hope you take something from them. If you don't have half an hour, just watch the last one, it sums up the past ones pretty well. If you have some time to spend, watch them all because they are  all pretty amazing.
   I hope they put things in perspective, make you happy, and I hope you have a good Monday.

Make the most of your time here.

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  1. This is just awesome. I finally got the chance to watch them tonight and am so inspired. Thank you for sharing them.