Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap

What I Did     The day I finished internship my boyfriend and I drove to Medicine Hat because his cousin was getting married on the 23rd. When we got there, we went for supper with my sister and brother-in-law (my sister's boyfriend) and his brother and sister. We spent the night playing games and cards and drinking beer. The next day was the wedding, which took up the whole day. On Christmas Eve we had a family brunch at one of the bride's dad's house, then drove home (we lost an hour coming back.)
This is me on the drive there, and the sunset that lasted a really long time because we were driving into it and changing time zones. I took a lot of sunset photos and videos, that you'll see in the future, I'm sure. 

     I forget what we did Christmas Eve, but my boyfriend's cousin from England and her boyfriend were staying at his parents' house and my aunt from BC was at my house, so we probably hung out with family and played games.
     Christmas morning we went to my boyfriend's parents' house and opened gifts and ate brunch. In the afternoon we went to my brother's house to visit my nephews, then back to the in-laws' where we watched The Hangover Pt. 2 (someone's Christmas gift) and ate an Indian food supper. Yum!
We spent the rest of the night playing games at each of our parents' houses, I think. My aunt and cousin from Alberta arrived, so there was even more family around.
     On Boxing Day we went out and shopped a bit, and mostly just chilled. Ate a delicious vegetarian lasagna that my mom made for supper.
     Yesterday, the 27th, was Christmas part 2 and we had brunch at my parents' house, my sister and her boyfriend came into town and my grandma came over, and we opened gifts and had Christmas dinner and played games.
     It's been a hectic, fun, and delicious week! I hope your holidays have been as nice as mine so far... maybe a bit more relaxing.

Gifts I Gave
     I didn't have much money so I just made everyone cards, that I painted and wrote in. But I had my sister-in-law for Secret Santa so I got her a magnetic spice rack (which is what she wanted) and a bottle of wine. And I made a few people mix CDs. 
    My boyfriend and I made each other gifts and I made him this painting and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 
based on this photo
Gifts I Got

   My boyfriend's parents got me a book journal and it's super sweet. You can record the title, author, character names, quotations, and opinion and ratings for books you read, alphabetically, and there were some extra tabs and stickers and I made sections for books I've borrowed, books I've lent out, to read, and recommendations. I'm excited to start using it. And I got iTunes gift cards.  

My friend made me this cute ornament. 
One of my boyfriend's sisters made use scarves and another one gave us paintings she did of us when she was in school, but I didn't photograph them.
My brother-in-law was my Secret Santa and he got me the last 2 Harry Potter movies on bluray/DVD and they came in this cute box set thing. :D

  Stuff I Bought

I got a bookstore gift card and I bought these two books. Currently reading the Mindy Kaling one and it's really funny.
     I also bought two pairs of tights, a bunnyhug, 3 sweaters, and a pair of pants on Boxing Day...all at crazy-cheap prices. Maybe I'll photograph some of my new clothes and put them in another post.

Later this week: a best of 2011 list..I'm thinking just my favourite albums of the year but we'll see.
Early next week: an update on how I did with my 2011 resolution to read 50 books in one year.

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