Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Think You Know - Julia Nunes cover

I didn't have the best day really, so I decided to play this song that I really like to sing loudly in my car when I have a bad day, and record it. It's super low quality and I'm sitting on my floor with shower hair wearing leggings and my voice cracks a bunch but I thought I'd share it anyways, in case anyone else has had a bad day and this somehow makes them feel better.

The original

What do you do when you've had a bad day?


  1. I call my family and their positivity instantly rubs off on me! <3

  2. When I think about you I touch myself... is the song that always makes me have a better day so definitely throw on some blondie and rock on .. on top of that always have a pepsi or some sort of soft drink they make ya happy -- if your hard core have TWO.. woah! and always stay hydrated so have a water.. now youve had 3 freakum drinks so make sure there is toilet paper in the bathroom before you go pee or else that'll really set your day off for a bad one... make sure your wearing comfortable socks - I HATE when my feel are uncomfortable.. And if you need to calm down -- light a candle let the wax melt some and then make wax bubble finger tips and once theyve dried pick them off -- it always make ya feel better! NOTE to the wise - do not replace super glue with candle wax , if you have no candles or lighters because for facks sake their is never a lighter OR pen around when you need one - then just go to the pet store and play with the kitties and puppies :) they always make you feel better