Monday, September 19, 2011

Where I'm From

Last week I had my students write "Where I'm From" poems. Theirs were awesome and inspired me to try to write one.

The poems had to include: the phrase "I am from" at least 3 times, a place, 3 items, 2 names, a saying, a food, a place where memories are kept, a simile, a metaphor, a use of personification, and 3 images.

Some chose to write about a specific place and some wrote about a few places.
I decided to write about when I  was in high school. As a result, it is super cheesy and rhymes! And also I don't really use any literary devices, even though I made my students. Here it is.

I am from a red Ford Tempo as old as me.
She didn't always run, but she was my Baby.

I am from the trampoline in my friend's backyard
and parties where drunk boys got hurt by darts.

I am from the little book store where I swept the floor,
in the mall where I knew someone who worked in every store.

I am from crying in the bathroom at a school dance
and standing outside the stall while a friend cried (always over lost romance.)

I am from Mr. Jazz Band saying, “Define friends...right?”
Peanut M&Ms, Subway, and Sprite.

I am from striped knee socks and red hair,
Me and Lennon: The Masked Culprits, always a pair.

I am from writing haikus in Science class
from slipping on the ice and falling on my ass.

Yearbooks don't show pictures of the 'hallowed halls,'
the fluorescent lights or the grey prison walls.

Yearbooks show peoples' faces, they show the truth:
The importance of a place comes from the people
who change you.

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