Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer of Change

Back in February, I made a blog post entitled In My Life... and I made a list of things I want to accomplish/do in my life. One of them was "Write more music (and maybe actually share my music with people)" So...I am doing that now I guess.

I wrote this song a couple of weeks ago and it is just about all that has happened in my life and my family's life this summer. My boyfriend convocated and got his first full time job, my youngest nephew turned 1, one of my best friends moved away, another best friend moved home, my mom wrote a new book and published a few more, we went to Sasquatch, my grandma died, I turned 22, my sister moved away, I got my first tattoo, my boyfriend got a house....lots has been goin' down this summer.

So I wrote a cheesy/sappy song about how stuff changes but the one thing that stays the same is that my family still loves each other. Yup, cheesy. And to make it more cheesy, I addeed sunsets!

Here you go:

Turn it up all the way because I have really crappy recording equipment.
And once again, I am not a professional singer, guitarist, or song-writer and I am doing what I consider to be a brave thing here so please no hatin'.

Lyrics after the jump.

Summer of Change
Seems like so much is changing

and people move so fast
So hard to make this feeling last.

People moving closer,

some moving far away
I don't know how to say

how I feel. It's too real.

Loved ones die while we remain to

celebrate our birthdays.
Some turn 1 and some turn 22 and

throughout it all there's you.

And I love you, yes I do. I really love you, it's true.

Some get jobs, new opportunities while

others up and leave.

New books get written and songs are shared.
It's how we show how much we care.

We create.
We visit places we've never been and some we've been to but won't go back again.

It's too late.

And I love you, yes I do. I really love you, it's true.

First words, first house, and first tattoo.
We mark our lives by what we do.

No matter how we grow and change
one thing always stays the same
and that's you.

And I love you, yes I do. I love you, it's true.
And I love you, it's true. I love you, I do.

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