Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The current has us now, it's ok. Take into account that it's all about to change...

   I am having a weird week. Usually I am okay with change. I mean, like most human creatures of habit, I don't love it, but usually I am excited for fall because I get to get back into a routine, get new clothes, start new classes, make new friends, things that are FUN. And I am like that this year, but I think it's just happening a bit too soon and a bit too suddenly for me.
   Don't get me wrong, I had a great summer. As I was saying to my friend yesterday, going on a big trip at the beginning of summer really made the rest of the summer better. There was no pressure like "oh no, it's already my birthday and I haven't even gone camping yet!" or "Oh no! It's August! I haven't been to the lake enough!" I did all the things I wanted to this summer, so I am ready for fall.
     It's just...Last weekend we had a housewarming party for my boyfriend in the small town he just moved to. He bought a house and a new car and is starting his first ever full time job and it's just crazy! And I am super happy for him but it's weird not to be doing it together, kind of, and because I'm still in school I feel like I am just playing house and he is the real grown-up. Then, the night after his party, we went to a going-away party for some friends who are moving out of province. I hate when friends leave. It is my least favourite thing.
     And then the next day, I started my internship! Well, technically I started last week but school started this week. And I am super excited for the four months and I know it will fly by but it still feels a bit surreal to me that it's all happening. I told myself "You've been working towards this for four years, and this is it. So you better enjoy it while it's happening."
     but sadly, this week I haven't been feeling like doing much. None of my friends have gone back to school or work yet so they are still enjoying summer and I can't anymore, really, I have to stay home and go to bed early and things like that. And also, the school I'm working in isn't air-conditioned so by the end of the day I don't want to stay there to do anything, I just want to come home to an air conditioner and change into shorts and a tank top (things I can't wear at school), and then I'm just lazy and don't do anything.
     I think I really need the long weekend. Hopefully next week when everyone else goes back to their routine, and it's SEPTEMBER instead of AUGUST and it's hopefully a bit cooler I will be better at doing stuff. In the meantime, here are some end-of-summer type photos.

it's hard to take a picture of your own shoulder but my tattoo is all healed now and looking good.

There was a bee on the flower and my camera decided to be really weird and only read yellow light.

flowers in the garden.

autumn-coloured summer flower

Again, camera is weird with lighting.

bare feet on grass, in a sundress. Probably one of the last days I can do it this year.
How are you all feeling about the impending fall? What are you looking forward to? Are you mourning summer or not until after the long weekend? I will try not to be such a brat, I really am excited for the next four months, just in a strange mood lately. And the leaves haven't even really started changing yet!

"Oh how I feel like through autumn's advancing we'll stay young, go dancing."

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