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The Magic Lives On...

Disclaimer: *This post contatins spoilers and profane language.*

     So, I didn't go to the midnight release but I went on Friday at 7, and this was me:

   I cried even before the Warner Bros logo, I was pretty much crying in the car on the way there. I went with my boyfriend, his parents, his two sisters, his one sister's boyfriend, and our friend. I wore Gryffindor earrings and a yellow hair elastic and red hairband. Represent.
     I also wore the shirt I wore to Pt. 1, the shirt I got when I worked at Coles in 2007 and the last book came out. It says "10 years of Harry Potter, 10 ans de magique 1997-2007" and on the back has the release dates of all the books. 
     In the car on the way there, I was being a dork with my friends and saying "it says it only goes to 2007 but it's 2011 now. The magic lives on" and they were like "that would make a great shirt, it would say the magic lives on and have 1997 and then a dash." and I was also so excited I just kept saying " You guuuuys. You guuuuuuys. We're going to HARRY POTTER. HARRY FUCKING POTTER. You guuuuuuyyyssss...." and being really annoying.
   And then guess what. Yesterday, only ONE DAY after we saw the movie and that all happened, my friend (one of my boyfriend's sisters) came to my birthday party (which was last night, it was awesome) and gave me a present. And look at what it was.

  A shirt that she MADE. It's so awesome! My one friend said "you're kind of limited in where you can wear that though" and I said "uhhh, EVERYWHERE!" and the friend who made it said "yeah, it's called cardigans" meaning I could just wear a cardigan to cover the F-word on the back, and then the front would still be visible. So exciting.

Follow the jump to read my review/reactions to the film. *SPOILER ALERT*

     We had awesome seats. All 8 of us got to sit together, third row, center. And the theatre in my town has those slopey-up seats, where you have to climb the stairs to get to the seats if that makes sense, so all the spots are really good except the very front two rows, in front of the front aisle. And we were behind that, three rows up, dead centre so it was awesome.
     Before the movie started, a worker at the theatre came in with a popcorn cart, I guess so people wouldn't have to leave the theatre to get snacks? And my boyfriend leaned over and said in a British accent, "Anything from the trolley?" and it was really funny.
     We saw the film in 3D, and I have seen a lot of 3D movies and this was the best one since Avatar. It didn't feel like they just made a couple things pop out randomly to get more money, the 3D was actually really good and added depth and made it cooler.
     And now I'm just gonna talk about random things as I think of them, with no apparent order probably.

     Neville and Luna! Not in the book, but I love it for the films! In the book, they each ended up with someone else I think, and Neville was the herbology professor, but in the film when Neville was like "I'm mad about her and I figure now would be a good time to tell her since we'll probably both be dead by dawn!" or whatever, it was so awesome! Those are two of my very favourite characters so I love that they are together.

     The eyes! he still had blue eyes, instead of green and then they kept saying "you have your mothers' eyes" and then in The Prince's Tale (penseive memories) Lily had brown eyes! It was so random. and I didn't like it until after the movie when Stephen made me feel better about it by saying "I think it was more the quality of the eyes, not the colour, because they never mentioned the colour in any of the movies" so that's okay. If it's like...your eyes are so loving they remind me of Lily or something, I can accept that.
     The Prince's Tale was absolutely fantastic, Alan Rickman made me bawl. I absolutely loved the scenes with young Lily and Young Severus. and I liked that he didn't say the line "It's real for us" because that feels like a book-thing.
     King's Cross is my favourite chapter of any book ever and it was so different in the book, but I'm okay with it for a couple of reasons. They didn't explain Dumbledore's family history, the thing with Grindelwald, or the Hallows but it wasn't important. Just like how Harry chose Horcruxes over Hallows, the filmmakers did too and that's okay. I hated the line about how "help will always be available at hogwarts to those who deserve it." or maybe I just hated his delivery. it felt forced and obvious. He should have just said "s'cool, Harry, neville's gonna get the sword outta the hat and kill the snake." dumb. I didn't like his delivery of my favourite line: "of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" but I understand that the filmmakers can't see what's in my imagination, and besides, Movie Dumbledore is so different from the Dumbledore in my head that if he had delivered the line the way I hear it, it would have freaked me out too much. Dumbledore in my head is a combination of Mr. Finny, Gandalf, and Luna Lovegood, in both personality and appearance, and he looks kind of like the original movie dumbledore but with pointier features and a good mix of quiet and gentle and totally bonkers. Movie dumbledore isn't like that at all so he can't say the line the same way.
     I thought aborted fetus Voldemort was so creepy and I liked how they stayed on it for a long time with just the white background because it made the audience as uncomfortable as Harry was.
     I LOVED the use of silence in the film. I loved the absence of dialogue when we see that Fred is dead, that Remus and Tonks are dead, that everyone is dead. It was just music and images and it felt so much more emotional. And after Harry looks in the pensieve and finally knows what he must do, there is no music or anything to accompany him into the forest, he just goes.
     I actually liked the way Lily, James, Sirius, and Lupin appeared in the forest, even though it was different than in my head. And they kind of looked like Horcrux Harry and Hermione from Part 1, which is cool, cause it reminds you that it's dark magic making them come back and that they aren't really there.

     I don't remember if this was in the book, but I loved it when Harry asked "will you stay with me" and James replied, "until the end," because it made me think of the dedication of the book where Rowling says, "and to you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end."

     I liked the funny bits: "I've always wanted to use that spell"

I didn't like how Mrs. Weasley smiled after she killed Bellatrix, because I don't think Mrs. Weasley would ever feel happy about killing another person even if she was a horrible death eater.

   I didn't like how in the book there was so much careful planning and research devoted to finding the Horcruxes and in the film it just seemed like luck. I know when you have to sqeeze so much in you can't devote time to boring research and stuff but maybe cut out that scene where Harry and Voldemort are flying around Hogwarts trying to kill each other or something? Or just come up with something a little better than "Oh....I feel it in my scar....I hear''s....a random cup that we aren't going to explain the origins of! Let's just destroy it!" Lame.

I liked when Luna yelled at Harry. it was cute. Harry needs more people to yell at him and say "get the eff over yourself and let your friends help you for once you stubborn ass." Go Luna!

I don't care what anyone says about the Epilogue, I love it and will always love it and I think it is great, but I didn't like it in the movie. I mean, I'm happy it was there, and I don't know how else they could have done it but I just didn't like it. Let me elaborate.
    In the book, it is very much just a snapshot of their lives, and by no means a conclusion or a hint at a future series (HP: Next Generation or something), it's just routine for them. Here we go, taking our kids to the station for the first day of school, and oh look, there's our relatives, and there's our old friends, and there's our old enemy who we don't hate anymore. And everyone has dialogue. Ginny talks to her kids, like an actual mom. Ron and Hermione talk to their kids, and their niece and nephews, and it's just a normal scene. And then there is the thing about Albus Severus worrying about being put in Slytherin but it's kind of in the background of the scene. and at the end, it is very much Rowling's voice telling us it's all okay with the line "All was well."
But that's impossible to do in a movie becasue you can't just have a voice-over saying "No more war, guys, it's all good!" And it was much more movie-ish, just showing what everyone looked like, and having a cheesy, inspirational conversation between Harry and his son. I just didn't love it, but I still liked it I guess.

I thought this was the best movie yet and I can't wait to see it again! In 2D, in 3D, whatever! I just love it. I think it's the perfect ending to the series and I was very happy with it.

If you made it this far, well done. I'm not going to proof-read this, I'm just going to post it so sorry for any typos or anything that doesn't make sense.

If you made it this far, what did you think of the film? Let me know in comments!

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