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Sasquatch Blog 4 - Monday

Day 4 of Sasquatch - Monday, May 30, 2011

     On Monday we were so tired and there weren't too many acts we were super excited about, so we got a really great spot on the hill by the mainstage, planted our blanket and camped there all day,under umbrellas. We saw Wavves, Young the Giant, and Old 97s. I didn't have too many thoughts on any of them. I took photos but none worth posting. I think by this day I was so exhausted and emotional about the end of the festival. Chromeo, however, were very memorable. This was the biggest crowd I saw at the mainstage all weekend. Even for the headliners it wasn't as packed (probably because by then it was freezing, and on Monday it was super hot out so people just wanted a dance party. Chromeo delivered.)

 I want my. I want my. I want my Chromeo. 
We are Chromeo and we are in control.

     People were throwing around inflatable toys, balls, toilet paper rolls. And Chromeo had their own giant white balloons floating and bobbing around. It was a great set, very danceable and the energy of the crowd was amazing.

     Guided by Voices followed, and it was a tough act to follow, especially since GBV were probably some of the oldest performers at the festival, performing to a group of thousands of people in the 20s and early 30s. I respected them for being classic but I wasn't that into it.

     Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings were next. I love the trumpet player on the far left's trumpet face. These were half of the Dap Kings.

     Sharon Jones was tiny but she had so much stage presence. She even called an audience member up on stage and danced with him and serenaded him. It was awesome. A really fun show.

     Rodrigo Y Gabriela were awesome. You can't capture what they do with photos, it's something you have to see and even when you see it you don't believe it. 
     During this set it rained and it was the first time all weekend it rained enough to actually get things wet. Despite having a raincoat and umbrella I still got wet from sitting on  a blanket on the ground, so I was cold the rest of the night.

     The Decemberists featured Sasquatch. (It was one of the band members dressed up.) A good set. I love audience participation in live shows. And I'm a Decemberists fan.

     Deerhunter was incredible. They kept talking about the weather and nature and stuff, I guess because of how frickin cold they probably were. It was a great show. Re: Karen O's comment about how seeing them live was a religious experience, my boyfriend said after "I am converted."

     All my shots of Wilco are blurry even though we had a really great spot right up close. I was shivering so the camera couldn't focus, but this is one of my favourite photos I took all weekend. I thought of it and was waiting all weekend for the opportunity, and I think this turned out great. The band in the background, the camera in focus, and just the composition of it, I like it. Wilco was great, of course, and a perfect way to end the festival. 

     My experience at Sasquatch was unforgettable and just...really good. I don't know if I'll ever be able to do anything like this again in my life (because I'm going to be a teacher so I can't really pick my holidays) but I am so happy to have gone when I did, it was the perfect time in my life to go on a trip like this, and it was the perfect year to go to the festival. The lineup was awesome, the weather cooperated. The overall experience was just awesome and I loved it and I'm so happy.

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  1. The trumpet player on the far left was my favourite. haha