Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sasquatch Blog 3 - Sunday

Day 3 of Sasquatch - Sunday, May 29th, 2011

     Today was Flaming Lips day. We were excited.

     We saw Smith Westerns on the mainstage. They introduced "All Die Young" by saying, "Here's a real wrist-cutter." Then we watched The Drums, who were pretty good. It was really hot out this day and we mostly staked out on the hill and hid in the shade of our umbrellas to avoid getting sun stroke and even more burnt.

     Fitz and the Tantrums was awesome. The lead singer looked like a young Bowie and the lady's dress was sweet. They covered "Sweet Dreams" which was a big hit with the crowd.

     Tokyo Police Club had really good energy, and they were reppin' Canada so gotta love that. During their set, they called their friend on stage from backstage. He said "This is a dream come true. I've always wanted to come on a big stage like this and be a rockstar. But today I only want to be a rockstar to one girl..." then he called his girlfriend on stage and proposed to her!

She said yes.

     Beach House was un-fricking-believable. It was so beautiful. Sadly, it was unbearably hot at this point in the day, but the concert was still fantastic. 

     We got into the pit for Flogging Molly because they were right before Flaming Lips and we wanted a good spot for that. Unfortunately, we were a little too close to the front. My boyfriend was taking a video on his phone (for his friend who loves Flogging Molly) during the first song and all of a sudden the song picked up and everybody started going crazy and moshing hardcore. His phone got knocked from his hand and fell to the ground, where it got stomped on by moshers. With a lot of shoving by both of us, he rescued the phone and miraculously it still works, the screen is just cracked on the surface. 
     I'd never really been to a real punk show before. I'm used to folk shows where people tap their feet, or indie rock shows where people just stand there. We were in the pit and people were trying to rush the pit. The biggest security guards were at the front, near the stage, catching crowd surfers who got surfed into their arms because of the slope of the ground. The second biggest guys were guarding the gate to the pit, and at one point they all banded together to make a human chain, and three guys jumped over them. People kept jumping the fence and some got caught but some didn't. I was just terrified the whole time, thinking that if all the people behind the pit rushed in, I would get trampled and die. So I didn't enjoy the show too much because I was just paranoid. But it was a good lively show. 
      Then it was time for Flaming Lips. We had seen their equipment set up all day. The huge disco ball, the giant light-up arch, all the neon sound equipment. 
     Most bands stay off stage until their set starts, to make their entrance more dramatic. Wayne Coyne was just walking around, taking photos and videos for his twitter, taking it all in, waving to the crowd. Earlier in the weekend, I'd heard people making fun of some of the Canadian performers (particularly Wolf Parade) for how polite they were, saying Thank you all the time, but I think out of all the acts I saw that weekend, Flaming Lips were definitely the most grateful to their fans. Wayne thanked us for being freaks, for being predispositioned towards being happy, and he said "Thank you. We do it all for you." which struck me as a very genuine and heartfelt statement.
   The show was amazing. It was a spectacle, it was an emotional experience. The program notes described Deerhunter's live performance as a "religious experience" (as described by Karen O) but I would say the Flaming Lips show was for me.

I snapped this photo and then quickly put my camera away so I wouldn't miss it if he came to us. He didn't make it to our side, though, the crowd kept pushing him back to the right side and we were on the left (facing the stage)

Race for the Prize

This photo sums up the weekend.


After this show I am thinking of getting a tattoo that says "Love is the place that you're drawn to." Not just as a Flaming Lips tribute, but because I think that is a beautiful message and kind of fitting for my life philosophy. What do you guys think?

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  1. I love the tattoo idea.

  2. Love the photos, the swirling clouds of confetti and the spectacular show!

    Not a big fan of getting tattoos personally, no real reason why other than I'm too old, you didn't see them much when I was little and forming my tastes.