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Sasquatch Blog 2 - Saturday

Day 2 of Sasquatch - Saturday, May 28th, 2011

     We saw the tail end of Seattle Rock Orchestra covering Radiohead, then we saw Pepper Rabbit, who were really cool and my boyfriend bought their CD. We watched The Radio Dept. and The Head and the Heart on the mainstage, sitting on the hill, and then we went and stood for Local Natives. It was really hot out and I ended up getting the first part of my sunburn on this day. 

     Local Natives was incredible. It was the first time at the festival where I was seeing a band and I knew every word to every song. It was exciting for me, and we had a really good spot. I had never seen a live video of them and I was amazed at how much they sounded exactly like their record, the harmonies were beautiful.

     During "World News" a spontaneous dance party broke out on the hill, and a guy near us said "I wish I were up there instead of down here." but I was happy where I was. Later, Local Natives did a signing and we got a CD signed and we got to meet the band and chat with them briefly, about making their new album and stuff and they were all really nice and mustache-tastic.

This was Wolf Parade's drum.

Really good show, great energy, really tight band.

     I went and caught a couple of Jenny & Johnny songs while my boyfriend waited in line for the Local Natives signing (before the band was there). I liked it, this was the first time I wished I'd caught the whole set when I missed part of it. (I kind of wished I'd seen Dan Mangan, but this was the first time I was really bummed.) It made me nostalgic for Rilo Kiley, too.

     We saw Pink Martini and some of The Antlers, and then went and stood for Iron & Wine. He is one of my favourites (my fish is named Sam Beam) and I'd seen him once before, in an intimate outdoor festival with probably 2,000 people, where it was just him and an acoustic guitar. This was much different. He had a full band, a horn section, 3 backup singers, and he would play a 3 minute song for 15 minutes just to solo on electric guitar. It was still amazing. Sam Beam is such a good musician and such an icon and I have so much love for him that he can do whatever he wants and it will be great. 


     Bright Eyes came out and it was the first moment of "wow, we're really here. We are seeing one of our favourite bands that we've never seen before. That's Conor Oberst. Right there." It was awesome. At first, he was being all sketch with his hood up, hair in his eyes, bent over the piano, and nobody could get a good photo of him but by the end of the set he was just in his T-shirt and looked pretty normal. 
Highlights of the set: 
- He stuck his face right up to the camera filming him for the screens on the side of the stage and fogged it up, and pointed another one at his crotch.
- A fangirl was trying to break through security and he went down and kissed her.
- He played Poison Oak which is my boyfriend's favourite Bright Eyes song and we both cried.
- He talked about politics and pacifism and how there is no reason to celebrate when your country shoots an old man in the head in his bed. 

We could only see a couple of Robyn songs because of when the show was, but it was super weird. Her hair, outfit, music, and dancing are such a statement. I liked it but I didn't mind not staying.

     We saw Deathcab for Cutie from up on the hill, cuddled under a blanket and freezing and singing along. It was amazing. My favourite (and least favourite) part of live shows is other people, and a great moment for me during this set was when he sang "I Will Follow You Into the Dark." The band left the stage, it was just Ben and his guitar. and whenever I hear the line "You and me have seen everything to see/From Bangkok to Calgary..." I get all excited, because I've been there! and it's like I've seen half of everything to see. 
     Well, when he sang that line everybody cheered and went crazy (especially the people FROM Calgary) and it reminded me that all these people loved the song as much as I did and probably thought the same thing when they heard it and we were all together in the same place experiencing it at the same time, in different ways, but still happy. 

     This was a really big day for me. I couldn't believe I saw Sam Beam, Conor Oberst, and Ben Gibbard live all in one day, one right after the other. It was incredible. 

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