Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sasquatch Blog 1 - Friday

   I don't think there is anybody who reads this blog who I don't know in real life. I've already told my stories and posted my pictures on facebook. And I kept a journal on the trip for myself, but whatever, I said I'd post these and I will. This is a different medium for the same stories and photos and memories, so it will be a little different.
     Let me just say that the trip was amazing. I am so happy and grateful for the entire experience and it was just unfortgettable and life-changing and I don't mean that to sound cliche, but it really was. Let me start with the first day.

Day 1 of Sasquatch - Friday, May 27, 2011

     The first band we saw was Mariachi El Bronx on the Yeti Stage. They were great. I didn't get to see The Bronx later, so I couldn't compare the two sets, but I enjoyed this one. We watched Biffy Clyro, who I'd never heard of but were pretty good, on the Bigfoot Stage and then stayed for Against Me!

Against Me! put on a really good show.

     During their set, a group of people right in front of us starting a spontaneous Limbo Party with a furball scarf. It was awesome.

The Gorge was so beautiful.

     We saw Death From Above 1979 on the mainstage, which was kind of surreal. My boyfriend made a "Chart of Causality" in my journal, saying that Scott Pilgrim sprung from Death From Above 1979, who were influenced by Nirvana, who were influenced by Neil Young. It looked like this:

Scott Pilgrim <--- DFA 1979 <--- Nirvana <--- Neil Young

He said "Crazy seeing Foo Fighters right after DFA. Dave Grohl invented the long-hair beardy look."

     Lastly, we saw the Foo Fighters. I didn't take too many great photos because we were up on the hill, far away, and I was cold and shivery so the photos are blurry and shaky, but here is Dave Grohl on the screen, looking epic. I took videos of "Pretender" and "Best of You" because Foo Fighters is my cousin's favourite band and I wanted to show her. 

And that was the first night. We only saw 5 bands, because the festival was just from 4 until midnight the first day.

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  1. Death From Above and Foo Fighters were fun, I got some video up here: http://virtualsoundnw.blogspot.com/2011/06/friday-at-sasquatch.html