Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friends They Are Jewels

   These are the things I love about my friends.
   It was very hard to pick just one central thing I love about each of them, and to make them not all the same, because I love everything about each of my friends, and they all inspire me in different ways and make me want to be a better, smarter, funnier, more creative, kinder, more passionate, and more confident person. But here are some of the main things I love about them.

   Stephen - how excited he gets about the things he loves and how he wants to share them with everyone.
   Lisa - how she never gives up on her dreams, and is willing to do anything to achieve them, and how she never gives up on other people's dreams, and won't let them settle, and will always encourage them.
   Kyle K. - how he's quiet most of the time but then totally stupid and hilarious at the best moments.
   Kyle G. - how he's not afraid to be himself or forge his own path in the world.
   Jamie - how she can put something I've been thinking about or feeling into words and make it make sense, and let me know I'm not the only person who thinks it.
   Catherine - how hard she works on things to achieve her goals and how much passion and energy she puts into a project. When she's working on her art, it takes over.
   Matt - how he's so easy-going and how he makes me laugh.
   Erika - how she loves to make things for other people and how she sees the beauty in things.
   Gallagher - how he draws pictures and comics of his friends so we can all get a glimpse into the way he sees the world.
   Phil - how he always tries to see the good in people, and in a situation, and always tries to put things in perspective.
   Jeremy B. - how even though he's mega-creative and talented, he's very down-to-earth and relatable.
   Jeremy D. - how passionate he is about things, and how it's contagious.
   Jason - how he likes to question people and make them actually think about what they believe and why, but how he does it without being an a-hole.
   Echo - how caring and understanding she is and how she will give anybody a chance, and can make friends with anyone from anywhere.
   Cara - how much she cares about other people and their happiness, and how silly and random and fun she is.
   Melissa - how she will do absolutely anything for the people she loves, or those who love the people she loves.
   Mitch - how he's such a loyal friend and how we can say "screw you" and "i love you" to each other and have it mean the same thing.
   Steve - how he wants to share music with everybody so they can know what he thinks is beautiful about the world.
   Chris - how he is very welcoming and makes everybody feel like they are his best friends.

I love all of you, thank you for being in my life.


  1. I love that we speak the same language too! This was such a nice post, you're the best :)

    - Lennon

  2. Dani - how willing she is to devote her time and talent to making other people's day. (You made mine!)

    - Echo