Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Skype Emoticon Poem

Last night on Skype my friend and I made a poem using the emoticons. There had to be one emoticon per line and it could be anywhere in the line. He wrote the first line, then I wrote one to rhyme it and another line, then he wrote the two after that, then I wrote the two after that and so on. Here is the result. 

And that is the end of the emoticon poem.

It was left unfinished because we had to go to bed. 

Books Read so Far: 5 still. School is killing my motivation to do anything I enjoy. :| sort of. Mostly I'm just lazy.
Currently Reading: The Element (though I'm not really reading it) and The BFG by Roald Dahl. It was one of my favourites as a kid but I sold my copy. I bought a used copy a couple weeks ago and started it last night. I'll probably finish it today just so I can add another book to my list. and because I love it!

Follow the jump to read a text-only version of the poem.

He arrived just in time, there, at the place.
He wore a smirk upon his face.
She was waiting in the rain.
For an angel he waited, waited in vain.
The streets were empty, no music in the air.
She greeted him with a worried stare.
He tried to seem cool but to no avail.
He flexed his muscle - a total fail.
His figure was more of a hug.
She tried not to laugh, feeling smug.
He sipped his coffee, burnt his lips.
She wanted to go dance, move her hips.
But he invited her to pizza instead,
Thinking it would get her into his bed.
She gave him a kiss, but that was all
Giving her phone number, said, "Give me a call."
But, saddened, alone, he went for a beer.
He drank by himself, wondering "what am I doing here?"
He was feeling quite emo and sad for himself.
"After this drink I'll go home to the shelf
Where I keep all my movies, and forget my troubles."
But in his heart he still hoped the night would end with cuddles.
He decided he would call up the girl.
It was late, she was sleeping, her head in a whirl.
"Who's this?" she asked, nodding to sleep.
"It's me, the handsome devil you thought was a creep!"
"You're the girl of my dreams, I'm completely in love!"
"Wait one hot second, don't make me give you a shove,
No, I don't love you. Stay out of my life!"
"I'm surprised you don't want to be my wife!
Can we please just kiss and make up?"
"Don't talk to me again, unless you want a shake-up
Or a punch." She hung up, he, again, alone. 

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