Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Work Clothes - How to look good when it's cold out

     Recently I've found it boring to get dressed in the morning. I face two main challenges- 1. I'm working at a school this semester so I have to dress professionally, and 2. it's February so it's really cold out. I find myself just wanting to wear dark colours and warm sweaters and it's really blah and bland. So I went on the internet to find some fashion inspiration. I googled some images of young professional women from movies and TV shows and then I recreated the outfits using items I already own. 

The outfit I recreated was Rory's (on the right) - the turquoisey-green striped blouse and black pencil skirt. 

I recreated this outfit almost exactly but it was not weather-appropriate for February in the prairies...

So I added a brightly-coloured sweater and some textured black tights (the tights have a little diamond pattern on them that you can't see in the photo) to keep the spirit of the original outfit while making it more weather-appropriate

I liked how she chose the same colour scheme for her top and her sweater.

And apparently I'm a big fan of the bluey-green colour family. Here's my recreation. A cosy cardigan with a nice blouse in the same colour scheme.

She's wearing a brightly-coloured blouse and a patterned cardigan...

I chose to reverse it and wear a patterned blouse with a brightly coloured cardigan.

Not sure I love the puffed sleeve look with the collared shirt but I was going for colour here.

If you are really desperate for spring to come soon you could always opt for an outfit like this.

Once again I tried to keep the spirit of the original outfit while making it winter-appropriate. 

I added navy tights and a long-sleeved sweater. The skirt has little white flowers on it, though, so it's still girly and spring-y.

I liked how she took a dark and neutral coloured outfit and made it interesting by adding the light coloured vest. I don't have a vest like that but one thing I like to do is brighten up an all-dark and neutral toned outfit with a colourful scarf. 

It's cosy, warm, and brings some colour to the outfit!

That's it. If you guys have any more tips for winter work wear leave them in the comments. Also, this is the first time I've done a post like this so let me know what you think and maybe I'll do more. 

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  1. I think my favourite is the pink sweater and the blouse. I like the the sleeves and the collar. It's a little different, but I think the textures look good together. "Different" was the whole point of this experiment, right?
    I know you have a ton of dresses too, maybe you can winterize a few of them with tights and cardigans so you don't feel like you'r drowing in sweaters all the time.

    I think this post was fun :) It makes me want to go through my wardrobe and see if I can have some fun before spring starts!