Friday, February 18, 2011

I am not fly, I am levitation. I represent an entire generation.

Some PG-rated snow-people my boyfriend and I saw on a walk around our neighbourhood last weekend. 
This one was the boy, obviously.
And the little one with boobs was the girl.
Sweet shirt that my brother bought me.
My friend coloured my hair with markers at work yesterday. It was actually purple and pink but the pink looks more orange in the photo.
It's like grade 5 again!
This was my super-nutritious supper last night. Greek pizza, caesar salad, garlic toast, and cream soda. Excellent

Have a great long weekend, everybody. And Happy Family Day!

Books Read So Far: 5
Currently Reading: I just finished my book this morning and haven't started a new one yet. I think I'm going to read The Element next.

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