Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to live in the prairies and total your car.

My friend is living in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba for her internship and she's keeping a blog about her life and work and stuff and a couple of weeks ago she got in a car accident and totalled her car. Her blog is called "how to Live in Portage la Prairie" and the blog post about her accident was called "...And then I totalled my car."
So the title of this post was a reference to that incident. Because yesterday morning I got in my first car accident.
Everybody involved is fine but the cars are not. Lady Cordelia (my car) is probably totalled because she's a '96 so they'll probably just write it off but I won't find out for a couple of days.
The whole thing was my fault and it's super embarassing and I don't really want to talk about it but whatever. I was turning left at an intersection and I thought the person driving towards me was signalling to turn right so I drove into the intersection. I realized he wasn't turning but it was too late to go forward or backward, and he realized I wasn't moving and tried to stop but the intersection was super icy so he hit me. And both cars were smashed up pretty bad. I was driving to school and was only a couple of blocks away so after we exchanged information I drove to school and he drove his car to the dealer. Then after school my dad came and we waited for two hours for a tow truck to come and tow it away. And that's the end...so far. I'll find out in a couple days if my car is going to get written off and then I'll get some money and get a new car, I guess. That's that.
I don't really want to talk about it any more because the whole thing was so stupid and humiliating.
I don't have any pictures of my car like my friend did in her blog, but here is a very detailed account of what it looked like.

...It was smashed up and leaking antifreeze.

However, my week has since improved. The nice thing about getting in a car accident first thing Monday morning is that the week can only get better (hopefully!) 
School is going great, January is over (we made it!) and today when I got home I got THREE pieces of mail. I don't normally get a lot of mail and when I do it's boring stuff like bills and such so this was very exciting. I got a postcard from my friend in Portage, a letter from my grandma who lives in Alberta, and this case that I had ordered for my phone. 
I'm pretty busy lately but I have a really fun post that I'm working on for later this week. It'll probably be up Thurs. or Fri. so check back then. Have a good week. Don't freeze and don't crash your car. That's my advice.

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  1. That's a pretty great rendition of Lady Cordelia. It captures her hugeness.

  2. I agree. The picture is by far the best part of this blog post. Glad you are okay.