Friday, January 7, 2011


My boyfriend got me this necklace for Christmas and it inspired me to take some photos of some of my favourite jewellry and post them on here. In 2011 I want this blog to be more books, more music, more photography, and maybe a little bit more fashion since I read and am inspired by a lot of fashion blogs so this post is a little fashion-y
Here is the necklace:

but it gets better...

isn't that the cutest thing?
He got it on Etsy.

This is a piece of jewellry I wear all the time. It's a claddagh ring...also a gift from my boyfriend. We've been together a long time so most of my sentimental jewellry that I wear a lot came from him.

If you don't know what a claddagh ring is there is some information here. It's an Irish tradition, usually it's a wedding ring or promise ring. I've heard that it can mean different things depending on how you wear it. And although my boyfriend and I are both Irish the real reason I have that ring is because of this necklace:

     He got me this necklace when we'd been going out for a year. His mom brought it back from Ireland. I liked the symbol but I liked the words more. I was in a conference yesterday and a lady asked if people had personal mottos and I didn't think I did but I guess if I had one it would be "love, loyalty, friendship."
So I already had the necklace and then we saw the ring a few years later so he bought it for me. 

This is a necklace that my friend made me for my birthday last year. She designs and sells handmade jewellry and it's really cool. Check it out here. 

This is a necklace I got from Figs and Ginger, an eco-friendly jewellry store. It's the only piece I have from them even though I love their stuff. In April they had a contest/giveaway sort of thing where if you sent in a photo of you planting a tree for Earth Day, you got a free bunny necklace. I planted a tree, sent in a photo and got the necklace. And I love it, it's so cute! 

Some of my favourite earrings of the many, many pairs I have (I have four ear piercings):

My grandma gave me these for my birthday last year.

Bought these at some art fair or something in the city.

Got these at a garage sale for 10 cents. They're kind of big but they're really cool.

     And that's that. I hope everybody had a good week, mine was alright. I'm happy it's Friday and the only thing I have to do is work a short shift. No classes Friday woot!

Books read so far: still 0. I have about 90 pages left of my book though so I'll finish it today which will put me ahead, because I was supposed to finish it on Saturday since I started is Saturday last week.
Currently Reading: My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares. Not sure what I'll read next off my shelf. Probably Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen. I've had that one on my shelf for ages. I bought it used years ago when a high school English teacher recommended it to me, but I haven't read it and this is lame motivation but now they're making a movie out of it so I want to read it.

If you read my blog, comment and tell me what you like about it so I can do more of that. Thanks. And have a good weekend!

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