Monday, January 24, 2011

I see you're colourful, I see you in the trees, I see you're spiritful. You're in the breeze.

     Yesterday was unseasonably warm here. To give some perspective, on Friday it was -45 degrees Celsius with a wind chill (wind chill means it's very windy and so it feels a lot colder than the temperature says it is.) And yesterday (Sunday) it was +2 degrees Celsius, and windy, so it felt about -5. Which is like early summer here sometimes (slight exaggeration.)
    So I took a break from homework and went for a walk with my camera and apparently I'm obsessed with the sky, sun, and snow because out of all the pictures I took these were the ones I liked and chose to post.

Winter Sun
Look at that blue sky! 
The sky is why I like living here. 

"Oh the sky could be blue, I don't mind.
Without you it's a waste of time.
The sky could be blue, could be gray.
Without you I just slide away."
- Strawberry Swing, Coldplay

Books Read So Far: Still 3.
 Been busy with school/procrastinating. Last night I decided to re-watch Season 1 and half of Season 2 of The Office (the American one) instead of doing any reading for school or fun. So that was productive...
Currently Reading: Water for Elephants. I'm going to finish it by Wednesday. That's my goal. 

Have a great week everybody. We made it through January! (just about) Hurray!

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