Monday, December 6, 2010

The lights are shining so brightly everywhere and the sound of children's laughter fills the air!

Hello folks. Sorry for my long absence. End of semester busy-ness and all. I will update you on a couple things.

NaNoWriMo: my sister had actually written like an extra 5000 words and just didn't update her word count so I really had no chance but because she's nice she said if I hit 20000 we could go Dutch for sushi. 
Her final word count was 25,056 and mine was 21,646. Pretty good.

Cell Phone: the guy who told me I would have to pay the monthly rate ($400 dollars for the phone I ended up getting) was wrong. I went the next day to decide what phone I want to know how much I would have to save and the girl told me I could get it for $50 that day and an extra $5/month on my phone bill. And they refunded the $25 I spent the day before to get them to put my number on my old cell phone. So, I was happy. I have a black blackberry curve 9700 and I like it.

School: I am done classes now and I spent all day Friday working on something that I had to hand in before going to work at 3 that day so that was fun (not.) but I finished that. And then I spent most of Saturday and Sunday working on other stuff for school. I am going to school later today to hand in three things and that is it for the semester. Then I have two finals - one on the 16th and one on the 21st. So I am on holiday now! I'm just working part time until the 22nd, then on a real break. I am very excited for all this extra free time to read and write and take photos and reorganize my bookshelves in my room (right now there are books all over the floor and everywhere and it's just a total mess) and watch Netflix and play guitar and just do a lot of cool fun stuff that I feel like I haven't had time to do for the last 4 months. Woohoo.

That brings you up to date, I think. I have some sweet plans for this blog for the rest of this month and for the new year so I'm excited about that.
I am really looking forward to handing in my assignments today, then getting a much-needed hair trim. 
On Thursday my sister and I are going for our celebratory sushi lunch, then we're going to set up the tree at my house and decorate for Christmas while listening to Christmas tunes. (probably Boney M's Christmas album. It's a family tradition.) Then we're going to decorate my Grandma's tree at her house. It's going to be a very Christmas spirit day. 

I still have some shopping to do for Christmas, too. I have to get the rest of my boyfriend's present (I got part of it already,) my grandma's present, presents for my two nephews, and then a present for my Secret Santa. This year all the adults in my family are doing Secret Santa because there are 8 of us and that's just ridiculous. I already got part of my Secret Santa's present so I have to finish that up. I'm excited, I love giving presents! 

To put myself in the Christmas spirit, I made this wallpaper for my computer. Up until yesterday my wallpaper was a scary and intimidating to-do list of stuff I had to do for the end of the semester. It was intense but it felt good to scratch things off the list as I did them. Now that's all over and I get to look at this all the time!

All images taken from We Heart It, I just compiled them.

Have a lovely week, friends!

In the comments tell me your favourite thing about this time of year! What are your favourite holiday traditions? What are you most looking forward to?

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  1. Making/eating a gingerbread house. That is my favourite holiday tradition and I am also looking forward to it occuring.