Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween (and NaNoWriMo)

Hello and Happy November!

Halloween isn't usually a big deal to me but it was this  year. I had to dress up four seperate times. I had to dress up three times for work because I have multiple jobs and they all involve kids. I wore some homemade butterfly wings my mom made for me when I was a kid. 
But my actual costume (which I wore to the party at my house Sunday night) was half of a couple costume with my boyfriend. We were a double rainbow. Some people got it and they are awesome. Other people had no clue. 
If you don't get it, watch THIS.

Here are some photos of the costume. I had to crop some of them all weird because they were photos of both of us but my boyfriend doesn't want his face on the internet, and we are very different heights so it was hard to crop. But here. 
this was my costume (obviously.)

and this was my boyfriend's.

Some of the weirdest costumes I saw: (mostly on kids)
- a "princess" with wings and a wand. She got offended when I accidentally called her a fairy.
- a "Mexican." - sombrero, poncho, and maracas. 

Some of the best costumes I saw:
- one kid at my work came as Vince the Slap Chop Guy
- my friend (and pseudo sister-in-law) made this sweet awesome fish head and came as a fish to our party. I don't think she wants her face on the internet either so here is photo of me wearing the fish head. She said I was a "rainbow trout" which I found hilarious.

So that was Halloween. It was pretty great but Halloween on a Sunday makes for a tired and stressful Monday. I hope you guys liked my Halloween playlist I posted here. 
A lot of people have been checking out my blog which makes me happy. I creep the stats a lot (probably more than is normal.) I found out someone from Denmark was reading my blog this week! How cool is that. 
And last week someone found my blog through twitter. Nobody follows me on twitter except for like 3 spam bots because I don't tweet, I just follow people. But I tweeted (is that what you call it?) this girl to congratulate her on her blogoversary. and she replied to me! So I think she clicked through to my blog from Twitter and that is just awesome because she has one of my favourite blogs ever!!!! (this is the blog in case you were wondering or couldn't see the link on the side of this post.)


I am doing attempting NaNoWriMo this month. I will probably make a post about it later this week for those of you who don't know what it is but check out this if you are curious. So for all my blog posts in November I am going to put my word count at the bottom of the post. Today it is pretty pathetic since yesterday I had work and school all day and I had a midterm to write last night and I had an assignment to complete for this morning. So, I didn't write hardly at all, but I got out about 100 words so I would be motivated to continue rather than just not writing at all. So I am about 1, 000 words behind but that's nothing, I can catch up this weekend. This is probably really confusing to anybody who doesn't know what NaNoWriMo is but I promise I will explain it in a post tomorrow or Thursday. Promise.

That's it. Happy NaNoWriMo/Noshavevember/November.

NaNoWriMo Word Count So Far: 132. (pathetic.)


  1. I look forward to all these words. Also, all Interpol songs are the best songs for anything ever. But for serious, I was definitely listening to Ghosting today and I did not realize that it actually, for real talked about halloween until that listening session today. I should pay attention to lyrics more :/

  2. Ghosting is my favourite song of last week. You are awesome, by the way. Thanks for being my most vocal (in typing) blog reader. I look forward to your comments!