Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life Update and Februrary 29th

Hello. This blog post comes to you in 3 parts. (Vlogbrothers reference.) Part 1: My Week so Far (Personal Blog type stuff) Part 2: NaNoWriMo (an Update) and Part 3: a poem. And all these parts are kind of related so sorry if there's overlap.

Part 1: My Week So Far
     I am having a not-so-great week. Not that anything particularly horrible has happened but just a lot of stupid trivial things and a general grumpiness on my part that turns those little things into reasons to whine, complain, and sulk. 
     It's the end of the semester so everything is due and classes are finishing and stuff and everybody's just tired and burnt out and since I'm in school and I work at a place where a lot of students work I just spend all my time around people in school who are grumpy about school and can't think or talk about anything other than assignments and finals and stuff. And it's been blizzarding, windy, and cold this week so people are just in a funk.
     And yesterday I was having a pretty good day - I made a presentation in a class that went well, I got to eat supper with my boyfriend and 2 of my classmates that I'm friends with. and I had my last class of two of my classes for the semester, so that was nice. But then I broke my phone. So I was just grumpy. And I came home wanting to be cheered up but then I found out one of my favourite youtube channels is going to stop making videos after December. So I was just bummed. Then there was this thing about NaNoWriMo which will come in part 2. 
     Anyways, today I went to the phone store and got them to switch my number over to my old phone. I had to pay them $25 and since my phone company is stupid and doesn't use SIM cards, they couldn't recover my contacts because my phone wouldn't turn on. So I have the contacts that were in my phone 3 years ago when I used this phone. My contract expires on July 1st so I can get a new phone then. If I want one before then I will have to spend a lot of money because of the stupid nature of phone companies in general and this one in particular. So...if I find a wad of hundreds on the ground somewhere maybe I will use it to buy a new phone. Until then, I have to readjust to my old phone which means no QWERTY keyboard or any other luxuries. :(

Part 2: NaNoWriMo
     Basically, I resigned myself to the fact that I would not be winning NaNoWriMo this year weeks ago. But after my last blog post I made a deal with my sister. Since neither of us would likely hit 50K, whoever had the lowest word count at the end of the month would have to buy the other sushi next week when we go for sushi to celebrate the end of the semester. (For me. She's not in school anymore...although she is going back. Anyways...)
     So I was ahead of her for a while so I didn't bother to write, I had other stuff to do. Homework and such. But yesterday she wrote like a thousand words and actually passed me. So I wrote about a hundred words to regain my lead but it's the last day and I just bet she's going to write a bunch just to win. And I can't afford to/don't want to buy sushi for 2 next week so I have to write so I can win.

Current word count: I have 19, 873 and she has 19, 731. Wish me luck.

Part 3: A Poem
     This morning I went to a workshop for school. I was pretty grumpy about having to go because I had to go to school about an hour earlier than normal and I just didn't think it'd be very good but it was actually cool. It was a spoken word poet and we got to do some writing exercises and watch some clips on youtube and listen to some of his poetry and it was overall pretty cool. 
     One thing we did was write a love poem to something. We initially had to pick something we couldn't live without and I was going to say books but someone else said it before me and we couldn't say the same thing more than once. So I said writing but I didn't like that topic. Later he asked who didn't like their topic and we were allowed to switch right before writing. I didn't like mine so he assigned me the topic "February 29th."
     So I wrote this poem and I don't think it's all that great or anything but I shared it with the class and people really liked it and were very complimentary, so why not post it here. I mean...there's more anonymity here than there was in my classroom so whatever. Also, I don't want to make this blog post a total life-update-post because I always find those boring and never read them on other blogs. So here it is. While I can't take credit for the idea, which was given to me, the words are mine. I'm not sure how well it works as a written poem versus a spoken poem. Whatever. Here. 

A Love Poem to February 29th

You are special.
You are unique.
You only exist 25% of the time
and even then only for
24 short hours.

In a bleak white season
so sparse
with nothing to look forward to.
In between the blatant commercialism of 
Valentine's Day
and the sacred commercialism of

You are like a special treat.
The thing everybody wishes for.

More time.
Just one more day.
Time to sleep, clean,
read that book I've been meaning to read,
write that book I've been meaning to write,
tell someone I love them.

You are opportunity.
You embody carpe diem.
An unexpected surprise.
We don't deserve you. We don't appreciate you.
You're just another Tuesday.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow, and all the forms of the radiant frost.

These were all taken in my front yard and back yard with my Canon PowerShot SX 120 IS. 

I love hoar frost. So pretty.

There's this big evergreen tree in my backyard, and when I sort of crawled under it, I found...

Some icicles hiding!

These ones are my favourite.

" I love snow, and all the forms
Of the radiant frost."
-Percy Bysshe Shelley, Invocation.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 Film Review

Okay I know a lot of you don't really care about Harry Potter, but whatever. I have a photo post coming up later this week with some wintery pics I took earlier this week, so you can look forward to that and just ignore this. 

When I went to the film, I wore this sweet Harry Potter shirt that I got in 2007 when Deathly Hallows came out. I worked at Coles then, and it was a big deal. And this shirt is awesome, because it has all the release dates of all the books on the back and it says "10 years of Magic" in French, and everything about it is great.

I also painted my nails Gryffindor colours. Yeah.

Follow the jump to read my (raving) review of the film. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Harry Potter!


woo hoo!

First, sorry about the lack of posts this week. I've been working on this huge assignment that's been totally consuming me but it's done now, so that's a relief, although temporary. (There are only a couple weeks left in the semester, though! phew.)

So, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I love the books and the films and everything and I love when the new films come out because it brings back the excitement. So, even though I've had a busy and stressful week seeing this crop up on the internet first thing this week made me happy. 

I've been watching a lot of clips of promo interviews online. (I love Emma Watson!) and I've just been thinking about it a lot and talking about it a lot (probably an annoying amount to my boyfriend and people close to me.)
    I am going with my boyfriend and sister on Saturday and I am very excited! Here are a bunch of pictures that have cropped up on various tumblrs this week that I like. (I don't have a tumblr, so I'm compiling them here. Sorry if this post is annoying to anybody. The pictures at the start are sentimental/cute and the ones at the end are funny, so they're probably worth looking at even if you don't like Harry Potter.) 
   Then, if you're interested click through to read my thoughts on books vs. films, my order of favourite films and books from favourite to least favourite and etc. Okay, enjoy! and Happy Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 week!

                                               I love how they match!
At the London Premiere

Friday, November 12, 2010

This SHIRT is Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

     I got some exciting mail this week! A while ago, on Tee Fury, a site where they have a tee shirt for a day and then it's gone, there was a Nerdfighter shirt that a nerdfighter designed, and it was $12 and all the proceeds went to charity, so I bought one and it came this week! It's really geeky but I like it. 

  And an even longer while ago, Threadless (one of my fave sites!) screwed up an order of mine. Well, not really. I ordered this beautiful shirt and it came cracked, so I had to send it back. And they reimbursed me for shipping, and then even though I had bought the tee in a $10 tee sale (my favourite!) they gave me a $20 coupon. So I ordered this shirt, which I think is awesome. (I'm wearing it right now!) 

   And I ordered the $5 Trick or Tee they had for Halloween, which was...buy a $5 shirt, pick your size, and they'll send you a surprise tee. And I got this one, which is really pretty and a great colour. And in the package I got a $7 threadless coupon! woohoo!

        I think I will be using that coupon to order this baby. I wanted it a while ago but it sold out and then they reprinted it! Yay. I'm still hoping they reprint  this one and this one

    Threadless shirts I have (if you are interested) besides these two:  this, this, this, this and this. I think that's it but I have a lot of dirty laundry right now so there might be more.

NaNoWriMo word count so far: 10773
     I wrote like 2,000 words yesterday morning so that was awesome. I haven't written all week though, been too busy. I am supposed to be at 20,000 words but I think I'll still finish on time. </delusion> No seriously, I plan on doing some writing on Sunday afternoon.....

Have a great weekend, friends!

Monday, November 8, 2010

These [books] fall like dominos, dominos

Every now and then something will show up multiple times in my google reader in a week. A couple weeks ago this video showed up on two blogs I follow so I knew I would like it.

That same week in my English class, my prof was talking about how the same word showed up in multiple poems in the same book, and he said, "It's like dominoes." And I thought of this.

This blog said, "Bookmans says their video “plays on connectedness, cause and effect, and non-linear lines while evoking the feeling of getting lost in a book so deeply that the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world fades away.” "

I love it and I hope you guys will, too.

It's a secret dream of mine to some day own my own book store. If that dream ever comes true I am totally going to copy this!

Have a great week everybody, it's a short one because of Remembrance Day!

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 8741 ... slowly getting back on track.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


What is NaNoWriMo?
     National Novel Writing Month. It's an event where lots of people attempt to write 50,000 words of a novel in the month of November. It has a website where you can sign up for free and update your word count and become writing buddies with other people and encourage each other and help each other, and there are pep talks from people who have actually written and published novels. And it's really awesome.
     I did it last year and won (meaning I wrote 50K words in the month.) I wrote a young adult novel that was sort of a coming-of-age/falling-in-love/finding-yourself story, set in Saskatchewan.
     This year, I don't really want to tell you what I am writing so I am going to take a page out of this girl's book (haha, novel puns) and describe my novel using things that already exist. (because it's not that original.)  My novel is Looking for Alaska + The Bermudez Triangle + Gilmore Girls.
     I'm pretty excited about it. I'm not sure if I'll win this year. I think I probably will, but this week I haven't been writing much because I've been so busy with school and work. And November's probably going to continue like that. Last year when I tried this for the first time I was taking four courses and working 4 days a week.
Now I am taking five courses with heavier work loads, and working 6 days a week. So....we'll see how it goes.
     Also, my sister posted on her Facebook today that she is going to try to do NaNoWriMo for the first time, so that is exciting! She is starting 4 days in, so she's at a disadvantage but hopefully she can do it!

Why do NaNoWriMo?
     If you want the opinions of people more elequant than I, check out this or this.
If you want my reasons, here they are: (in no particular order and not too well thought-out.)
     I really like writing but I never make time for it. So for me, NaNoWriMo is a good excuse to dedicate some time to writing. I am lazy and a procrastinator and I don't have the best time management skills so having to look at the stats telling me I am "three days behind" only 3 days into the project is a pretty good incentive for me to get my ass in gear and write. And having to post my low word count on here for all of you to see is shameful and embarrassing. Not that I'm getting guilted into writing or anything, because really I don't care what the internet thinks of my ability to write 50k words in 30 days. But November is a month I dedicate to working on something important to me, when I don't often make time to do it otherwise. So I disappoint myself if I'm not making time for it. Wow, this is rambly and not making too much sense.
       I'm just gonna stop here, and go work on my novel until I go to work.

       If you are doing NaNoWriMo and want to become my "writing buddy" my profile is dani789 (my birthday is July 1989...so...07/89.)  Or if you aren't doing it and you just want to follow my progress somewhere other than this blog (there's pretty graphs and stuff) here is my profile page.

      Okay. That was the promised NaNoWriMo blog post. I hope it was all you hoped for and more. Now, time to write!

NaNoWriMo Word Count So Far: 2,370 (but I'm going to write right now!)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween (and NaNoWriMo)

Hello and Happy November!

Halloween isn't usually a big deal to me but it was this  year. I had to dress up four seperate times. I had to dress up three times for work because I have multiple jobs and they all involve kids. I wore some homemade butterfly wings my mom made for me when I was a kid. 
But my actual costume (which I wore to the party at my house Sunday night) was half of a couple costume with my boyfriend. We were a double rainbow. Some people got it and they are awesome. Other people had no clue. 
If you don't get it, watch THIS.

Here are some photos of the costume. I had to crop some of them all weird because they were photos of both of us but my boyfriend doesn't want his face on the internet, and we are very different heights so it was hard to crop. But here. 
this was my costume (obviously.)

and this was my boyfriend's.

Some of the weirdest costumes I saw: (mostly on kids)
- a "princess" with wings and a wand. She got offended when I accidentally called her a fairy.
- a "Mexican." - sombrero, poncho, and maracas. 

Some of the best costumes I saw:
- one kid at my work came as Vince the Slap Chop Guy
- my friend (and pseudo sister-in-law) made this sweet awesome fish head and came as a fish to our party. I don't think she wants her face on the internet either so here is photo of me wearing the fish head. She said I was a "rainbow trout" which I found hilarious.

So that was Halloween. It was pretty great but Halloween on a Sunday makes for a tired and stressful Monday. I hope you guys liked my Halloween playlist I posted here. 
A lot of people have been checking out my blog which makes me happy. I creep the stats a lot (probably more than is normal.) I found out someone from Denmark was reading my blog this week! How cool is that. 
And last week someone found my blog through twitter. Nobody follows me on twitter except for like 3 spam bots because I don't tweet, I just follow people. But I tweeted (is that what you call it?) this girl to congratulate her on her blogoversary. and she replied to me! So I think she clicked through to my blog from Twitter and that is just awesome because she has one of my favourite blogs ever!!!! (this is the blog in case you were wondering or couldn't see the link on the side of this post.)


I am doing attempting NaNoWriMo this month. I will probably make a post about it later this week for those of you who don't know what it is but check out this if you are curious. So for all my blog posts in November I am going to put my word count at the bottom of the post. Today it is pretty pathetic since yesterday I had work and school all day and I had a midterm to write last night and I had an assignment to complete for this morning. So, I didn't write hardly at all, but I got out about 100 words so I would be motivated to continue rather than just not writing at all. So I am about 1, 000 words behind but that's nothing, I can catch up this weekend. This is probably really confusing to anybody who doesn't know what NaNoWriMo is but I promise I will explain it in a post tomorrow or Thursday. Promise.

That's it. Happy NaNoWriMo/Noshavevember/November.

NaNoWriMo Word Count So Far: 132. (pathetic.)