Saturday, October 9, 2010

it's like the all to all, the all to all, the ultimatum

  Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. It was a crazy week. I was sick, and had assignments due EVERY DAY. So I didn't make time for blog updates, really.

On Thursday night my boyfriend and I went to Saskatoon to see Broken Social Scene at the Odeon.

  Before we went to the show, we went for supper with my boyfriend's sister who lives in Saskatoon, then the three of us were walking around downtown, and we went to the Vinyl Exchange, and Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene was there! So my boyfriend bought You Forgot It In People on vinyl and got him to sign it, and he was really nice and offered to put us on the list (but we already had tickets, obviously) and it was pretty cool.

  The show was good but it was very hot and crowded and it seemed like everybody in the audience was a total asshole. I wasn't feeling good and I was getting pretty grumpy. And the band played for 2 and a half hours with no breaks (after waiting for the opening band to start, standing through their set, and waiting for BSS to start) and it was just too long. They didn't leave the stage once but at one point Kevin Drew said, "This is the encore" and played Lover's Spit or something kind of slow, so you know, we thought it was the encore. Then they played like five more songs. Then they played It's All Gonna Break for about 12 minutes, and then played a couple more songs. It was just ridiculous. I don't think it even would have been so bad if we hadn't had to drive home immediately after the concert but the drive was horrible, we were so exhausted. I don't know if it was worth it. It was a good concert, but that drive sucks in the middle of the night. I won't be doing that again for a while.

I bought a cool shirt, though.

And I bought my friend this shirt for her birthday.

Yesterday I hung out with a friend all day, then went out for supper for another friend's birthday party. It was pretty fun. This weekend is Thanksgiving, so it's the long weekend, which is awesome. I can catch up on sleep and homework and maybe do some creative and fun things, too.

I'm thinking of doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I did it last year for the first time and finished in time. It was pretty awesome. And I didn't find it that stressful, over all. Or maybe I'm just forgetting what it was really like. I already have some ideas floating around in my head and I bought a notebook yesterday so I could plot some stuff out and outline my novel before Halloween.

I am going to my boyfriend's house tonight for a combination Thanksgiving dinner/birthday dinner for his sister, and tomorrow night a lot of my relatives are coming here for dinner. Thanksgiving isn't actually until Monday, but Monday will just be a day off for me, which will be nice. I might do a Thanksgiving-y post later this weekend.

Have a great long weekend and Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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