Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Snow

 It snowed here yesterday for the first time so far this winter. People were mad, people were surprised. Other people were mad that people were surprised. My facebook news feed looked like this:

20 people are mad that it snowed and are saying some dumb thing like 
"grr snow" or "I can't believe it snowed already" or "snoooww??!!!1"

10 people are mad at the losers talking about the weather but are actually 
also talking about the weather by saying some dumb thing like 
"srsly guys it's Saskatchewan. what do you expect?!!!111" 

5 people have uploaded cell phone photos of their cars 
covered in snow with captions like "first snow and my car's already stuck"

I was happy because I love snow and I took some pictures in the morning while the snow was still fresh and innocent, before people could get mad at it or blame it for their bad driving and unreliable cars and failure to remember what winter is. Here you go.

Poor confused flowers. I mean, the people had fair warning. We have weather reports and experience living in this place. The flower didn't know what was coming. He's the one we should feel bad for. (joke.)

Happy winter, everyone!

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  1. Great pics! And hilarious fb comments - I found the same. :)