Saturday, October 30, 2010

Top Ten Indie Rock Hallowe'en Songs

10. Evil by Interpol

9. Date With The Night by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

8. Ghosts by Rah Rah

7. Vampire/Forest Fire by Arcade Fire

6. Dracula by Gorillaz

5. Ghost by Neutral Milk Hotel

4. Creeper by Islands

2. Monster Hospital by Metric

1. Ghosting by Mother Mother

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Snow

 It snowed here yesterday for the first time so far this winter. People were mad, people were surprised. Other people were mad that people were surprised. My facebook news feed looked like this:

20 people are mad that it snowed and are saying some dumb thing like 
"grr snow" or "I can't believe it snowed already" or "snoooww??!!!1"

10 people are mad at the losers talking about the weather but are actually 
also talking about the weather by saying some dumb thing like 
"srsly guys it's Saskatchewan. what do you expect?!!!111" 

5 people have uploaded cell phone photos of their cars 
covered in snow with captions like "first snow and my car's already stuck"

I was happy because I love snow and I took some pictures in the morning while the snow was still fresh and innocent, before people could get mad at it or blame it for their bad driving and unreliable cars and failure to remember what winter is. Here you go.

Poor confused flowers. I mean, the people had fair warning. We have weather reports and experience living in this place. The flower didn't know what was coming. He's the one we should feel bad for. (joke.)

Happy winter, everyone!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm so cool, I'm so cool, I'm so cool.

I found this temporary tattoo in a box of Freezies. I thought it would serve as a helpful reminder to all of you that I'm the coolest.

And it's on my bicep 'cause I'm cool like that. 

Have a great week everybody!

Friday, October 22, 2010

That's What She Said. (and other offensive[?] things)


It's been a while since I've done a real writing post on here. Sorry about that. Some people (actually just one specific person but it sounds a lot better if I say some people) have requested more frequent updates.

When I first started this blog I planned to update all the time, but since I don't have a lot of followers yet I got worried that the few of you who do read this don't read it very frequently. I imagined somebody coming to the site, seeing that there had been 5 or 6 posts since the last time they checked and thinking "screw this, I don't have time to read all this." and then leaving and never coming back. So I slowed it down a little but it seems like it was a little too slow so I'm going to try to update 2 or 3 times a week. Since I go to school full time and have a couple part time jobs, I can't really stick to a schedule and say I'll post every week on specific days but I'll try to post twice during the week and if I don't, maybe I'll post on the weekend to make up for it sometimes. So hopefully that satisfies everybody!

Now, to get to the real topic of this post.

Earlier this week I was having a conversation with two people I am very close to. We were talking about racist/sexist/stereotyping jokes and a couple of opinions came up. One person made a joke about somebody having mental health problems, saying, "that sounds crazy" or something kind of punny like that. When I said it was a horrible thing to say, he said that he (having somebody in his family with a history of mental health issues) felt he was more qualified to make the joke than somebody without the personal experience to go along with it.

My other friend is Metis and he said when he makes jokes about First Nations people, it's alright because he is essentially making fun of himself and his family. He then said that he wouldn't feel comfortable making a joke about having an abortion or being Jewish or something like that because he doesn't have the first-hand experience to make it acceptable, so he would just be making fun of another person.

I said that I think when people make fun of themselves it makes it okay for other people to, and it's hard to draw a line there. I also pointed out that my friend likes to make 'that's what she said' jokes even though he isn't a woman. My other friend said those jokes aren't funny to women, usually, but are funny to men. So if I make a 'that's what she said' joke is that an example of making fun of my own kind, and making it okay for other people to? If somebody uses a derogatory term (like the 'n word' for example) amongst their friends of the same gender/ethnicity/race/sexual orientation/whatever, is it only okay for them to say it and not okay if somebody else says it?

Do these types of jokes promote equality? because if you can laugh at yourself just as much as you laugh at other people, there's really nothing wrong with it, right? We're all equally make-fun-of-able. Or do they promote discrimination and hatred? I think it might depend on the spirit of the joke, the context, and the joke-teller. ...and the sensitivity of the joke-hearer. Clearly I am not the best person to tell those kinds of jokes around because I have a strong reaction.

What do you guys think? Are self-deprecating jokes controversial or hilarious?

Let's talk about it in the comments! I want this to be a discussion, not just an opinion-y blog post. You can leave anonymous comments if you want!

Tell me your opinions.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dreamland in Images

I stole this from this blog. Check out this post and this post.
Images taken from here.   

I know this is kind of juvenile and girly, but I thought it was a cool idea. And it's pretty.

Respond to these questions with pictures:

1. How would you like to spend your day?

2. What kind of clothes would you like to wear?

3. What would you look like if you could choose?

4. What kind of place would you like to live in?

This is the first post I've made where I've had to do some HTML coding. I'm quite proud of myself so hopefully it looks okay and all the images show up and everything.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Celebrity Photos

My dad bought this magazine for me this summer. 
The stories are really nice, but the photos are what I really love. 
They are beautiful and very iconic.
 I thought I'd share some of my favourites. Enjoy!

I'm a big Audrey Hepburn fan. (Who isn't?) She's just the best.

I love the whimsical expression on his face.

"Bette Davis eyes"

The man who shaped everyone's childhood.

I really love the black & white, the lights in the background and the look in his eyes.

The photo on the left is just so darn cute!

I love how they chose photos that really show the transformation from this guy... this guy. And I love the colours in the background of this one.

I love the lighting on the hair and how they're wearing all black so their faces stand out.

Just the coolest.

The hat, the teeth, the pocket scarf, the microphone showing up in the corner. 
Everything about this photo (and this man) is amazing.

Her eyes match the pool. And she looks like she's suppressing a smile. 
It's such a stunning photo. Love. 

Love the black and white, and the beautiful simplicity. Pure class and charm.

Who are some of your favourite "stars, heroes and icons" and why do you love them? 
Or do you have any favourite photos of celebrities?